a blended health approach


Holistic Health is a blend of physical and mental wellness

Five years ago I realized I needed to approach each of these carefully. I needed to explore the different sides of my wellbeing. I waned to find a wellness solution that fit into my lifestyle that also gave me more than food, it nourished and supported my body. We all know a healthy body is imperative for good mental facilities and the energy to pursue our calling.

I have to be honest, I’m a healthy person. I’ve never been plagued with food allergies, illness or gut issues that so many have. The first place I looked for wellness worked perfectly for both mine and my husband’s life. We have thrived using Isagenix for the past five years. We’ve helped friends with nutrition struggles over those years and it has been such a rewarding journey that I know we will continue with for years to come. Building a team of generous and supportive individuals has brought a world of joy and community to my life that I never imagined.

Easily checking my physical health, I looked to explore more ways to express my imagination that has runs parallel with my mental health. I’ve been drawn to art (of multiple expressions) for as long as I can remember. Small and large details that I think a lot of people overlook. From the Chagal in my office to the underside of a leaf next to it. It is all art to me. Creating something that felt like such an extension of myself was powerful. Having that creation be loved and purchased, felt like the biggest accomplishment of my life. I’ve been honored to create pieces for friends and strangers, had my work published in print, and with a big project coming later in 2019, I’m really just getting started. I’ve made space in my life for this blended expression of living in alignments with my physical and mental health.


my mission

To offer creative holistic health for the conscious

& mindful living for the uninspired.


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