vegas: where literally anything goes

Vegas Baby.

In the airport I saw an advert to shoot a machine gun at a strip club -see heading above.

Fact: I’ve been to Vegas five time in four years.

Also, Fact: I am not Vegas’ biggest fan. 

There are just so many freaking people. Perhaps it is ironic is that I love Manhattan. No, not irony. You just can't compare the two. I’m embarrassed for even trying to throw them in the same basket. My apologies. Could it be the lack of museums? Yeah, there are shows (Absinthe was my favorite) and I absolutely loved the traveling Picasso exhibit at the Bellagio (sadly, the current exhibit doesn’t interest me). Let me also make it painstakingly clear that it is the touristy/strip part of this city that I'm talking about. I would absolutely love to jump on a boat on Lake Las Vegas and be surrounded by zero lights and zero people.

The reason I’ve been to vegas the past three years is for ‘work’. Granted this year ‘work’ involves photo shoots, training with Tony Robbins, a formal gala, a Britney Spears concert, grabbing some awards for a fantastic year in my business, Cirque’s “O”, dancing the night away to my favorite DJ, and dining with some of my favorite people in the world. 

I’ll be honest, this week is going to exhaust the hell out of me. Peopleing usually does. But, I feel immense gratitude that I’ve got the freedom to come out here at all. I have so many people that say they couldn’t do what I do because they can’t travel, be it for work or family. I love asking them if they would like to change that. 

Make no mistake that I enjoy to travel but that it is a negotiable part of what I do. 

I’m positively thrilled that next years Celebration will be in Nashville instead of Vegas. I grabbed some cowboy boots when I went to visit in 2013 and have wanted to go back since. I’m not one for country music but we will have a blast out there line dancing like some tipsy sorority girls on a bachelorette weekend. 

Sometimes when I travel I can get slightly existential. Today during a layover in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport I started thinking about the theory of six degrees of separation. 

And maybe it was because I slammed right into the bulkhead, but it really got me thinking; could this really be true? If you're not familiar with it, its pretty simple. Everyone on the planet is connected through "a friend of a friend" but with six "friends". 

Has anyone else ruminated on this theory before? I feel like I’ll get these crazy ideas and won’t be able to think of anything else for d a y s. 

I’ve got a lot of distractions coming up so I’m sure I’ll have little to no time to be in my head -except I’m looking for a float spa…cause self care y’all.

Here we go.

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