vegas: day one

It didn’t feel like an insane Vegas-y day. But it still wiped the bejesus out of me.

The morning was pretty casual:

-got some photos of Justin and I snapped

-hit up the world of isagenix store to grab some swag, tickets to our START party at the Omnia, and bottle of Cleanse for Life to actively detox all the vegas out of our bodies throughout the week (thank you aloe)

-helped with a little r&d for future flavors and products

Then at 1pm, everything began.

I’m going to shoot straight with y’all on these entries (and well, every entry, because that’s just who I am). I was not looking forward to the session at 1pm. It was for leaders in the company that have reached the highest ‘rank’ and our trainer is a trainer of trainers. Does that make sense? He has an isagenix business, but devotes most of his time traveling the world doing trainings. I’ve been to a few of them. 

Maybe it’s just my headspace as of late, but I don’t want to be trained by a man who is a trainer of trainers. I want to hear from the boss ass women who have built million upon million upon million dollar business' in Isagenix. And yeah, that’s sexist. I’m just over tan men telling me about the things they’ve done and how great they are (#sorrynotsorry).

But oh how surprised I was! He brought up the six most boss babest powerhouses that he could have and they just spoke all the truth and power into the room. Now reader, I know the majority of y’all don’t work with me, so it would be pointless to tell you about these women (one of whom is the dear friend who introduced me to this company), but let me just say that they strong souls that take no shit. And that is exactly who I want to learn from. And yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition. It's cool, I'm not wearing my librarian hat this week.

Moving on. 

We grabbed dinner and went into general session where we heard about FIVE new products. All for our sports nutrition line called Amped. We even have the backing of Informed-Sport now. We heard more science (as a nerd I eat that shit up), and jumped and danced around like the crazy people that we are. 

Afterwards, I raged so hard.

Allow me to pain a picture: I took a silent bath in the dark. 

Years of these events has taught me that I need moments of dark silence to *attempt* to balance out the sensory overload, or try to get ahead of it (which I’m finding is right near impossible in Las Vegas).

I’m in bed by ten but can’t turn my damn brain off (five new products and a full day Monday have me excited and anxious).

More to come….

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