vegas: day four

Starting the day with some recognition and ending it with Britney...

I first want to throw out some major love for our aloe based Cleanse for Life. Justin and I purchased a bottle at the beginning of celebration to keep us on our A game and I honestly think it's why I was able to hop out of bed after dozens of rounds of mini flip-cup. 

I had my hair done for the gala the evening before so I just jooshed it up a bit,  popped on my magnetic eyelashes (a true gift from god), grabbed an americano from Bouchon (yesssssss) and went on my merry way backstage at 7am.

I couldn't believe how quite it was in that giant ass room when it was empty (this was only after having to prove without a shadow of doubt that I was actually suppose to be back there. Security was *tight* with Tony Robbins around). The hall was dark and quite and so peaceful. I could have hung out in there all morning. As I was walking the mile -it seemed- from the entry to backstage I found myself walking behind DJ Skemaddox. This is probably the most unassuming guy ever. But his skills are fabulous. I've been excitedly watching and dancing to his jams for a few years now and to be this close, I just had to ask for a photo. Because I'm a level 10 creeper (I've got the membership card to prove it), I actually said "Excuse me, DJ Skemaddox (yes my weird ass actually said 'DJ' 🙄), I am obsessed with you in a totally normal, non-stalker way, could we take a selfie?" I'm pretty sure he was still half asleep, but he agreed and honestly, it made my morning! 

Sitting back, waiting to get lined up for the START 1000 segment, I got to see where all the production and behind the scene stuff happens. I was lined up in front of a guy who looked super familiar. We got to talking about life, put two and two together and realized that Justin put him through Ranger School (the mountains phase in N. Georgia). They also use to live about 3 miles from where I live now. Say whaaaa?! We talked about our passion to help the military recapture their health -they are put through the ringer with crap MRE's and goodness knows whats in their immunizations they have to get on the regular. Not to mention the horrible energy drinks, shit protein and literal body numbing pre-workout. Even just seeing Justin's transformation with Isagenix is proof enough that the Amped line works. It's awesome connecting with so many others that are committed to helping those that serve us, live their best life right now.

After the horrifyingly intimidating few minutes of walking across stage for my START1000 award, I watched the new Start Your Life video (hereif you want to watch it) and started getting pumped for Tony Robbins!

I have to admit, I don't know much about Tony Robbins. I know he does this walking across coals thing, and pumps the hell out of a bunch of people. I also know he swears, and I dig someone comfortable with expletives. I don't think there was an empty seat out of the 15,000k+ in room. When he took the stage, he had an impressive presence. He *is* pretty imposing standing at a solid 6'7''.  The hours flew by as he spoke and took us through exercises, elevating our energy. I could literally feel the floor moving underneath of us, it was a unique experience, in the best possible way.

As if the day couldn't get any better, the evening brought me BRITNEY.

Thats right, the one and only Britney Spears, live, in Vegas. As most fifteen-year-olds, I was a fan. And, I may have been found in 5 points drunk dancing to 'Toxic' a time or dozen. After a glass of bubbles, I was ready to party. We totally had some fangirl moments of screaming and 'wooo'-ing. And there was even a bit of craziness when some drunk guy jumped the stage and got body slammed by Britney's security detail 😆 She runs a pretty prompt show, 90 minutes and the party was over -and ya know what, I was totally fine with being in bed at 11:30. Between Tony Robbins and Britney, I was spent. and even though it was the last day of our event, I still had a full day coming up....

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