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I'm not a hard sell to hop on a plane and GO. So when Justin told me he was running the Army 10miler, I was only too eager to spend the weekend in DC (I first thought he was crazy for paying to run 10 miles, but I'll never really understand athletes- thems not my people). I was actually really excited to see some parts of DC that I'd never explored. I was also super excited to see some friends/teammates and eat all the foods (more on that in a minute).

It was apparently shocking to people that we flew up to DC, it is after all only a 6 hour drive. Fun Fact: I'm a pill on long car rides. I'll pony up this bit of info for free, cause it's true. I don't even like me on car rides, and I think I'm hilariously wonderful most all of the time. Also a Fact: direct flights to DC are pretty much free, less than an hour and parking costs + traffic made flying a no brainer.  And it makes my husband slightly less likely to murder my horrible road tripping ass.

So in a hop skip and jump, we're in DC and heading to Georgetown to meet friends for dinner and drinks. I liked walking along the Potomac lined with boats that cost more than my home. We dined with friends and biz partners at Farmers Fishers Bakers. The wine (Albarino) and the food (cabbage kale and pecorino salad + garlic and balsamic brussle sprout pizza) was just heavenly. We traversed inland and wound up on a rooftop under a gorgeous full moon drinking cocktails and enjoying the night.

Saturday brought more time in Georgetown after we picked up Justin's race packet at the Armory. The adorable storefronts and better than average shopping (hello Free People, Warby Parker- yes I got two new pairs of glasses, Lucky, Anthro, Marine Layer and Lulu) took up our Saturday. Not to mention the best freaking vegetarian taco spot Chaia with their curry cauliflower and  creamy kale and potato tacos, we were happy people.  I'm actually embarrassed to say that, amidst numerous restaurant recommendations, we went back to Farmers Fishers Bakers for dinner. I feel like it's some sort of travel faux pas to not try new places, but y'all, that salad was life. And I got the cauliflower steak with barley butternut risotto. Same wine (cause I know you're curious). And because we are wild party animals, we went back to our hotel at 8pm to watch a documentary on Faberge. #truestory

Sunday brought rain (running ten miles sounds miserable- add rain and 30k people and no.) but Justin booked it around DC nonetheless. My happy ass went to Commonwealth Joe, an awesome nitro cold brew coffee spot near the hotel. I messaged my team (big goal week for some hustlers), drank a gorgeous dark roast cold brew and munched on both a chocolate croissant and lemon protein bar.  My dreams of a boozy brunch fell short as we met some of Justin's awesome army buddies at a sports bar, but it was wonderful catching up- and not so wonderful waiting 2 hours for bar food.... but I digress.  

Heading into Chinatown for dinner was too much temptation, and I couldn't pass by the National Portrait Gallery without popping in. Justin headed left to the Face of Battle Exhibit, and I headed upstairs to the Childe Hassan works (here's what on if you're in town). Museums and galleries are one of my favorite things about large cities. When I’m not pressed for time, I will just sit on the bench in front of a monolith painting and start in one corner, appraising every inch and spend hours in the silence. Even now, sitting on a loud plane headed home, I’m relaxed at the thought. After getting my Impressionist fix -and paying my respect to The Four Justices, I gathered Justin and we proceeded to The Rocket for some shuffleboard and sparkling wine. The night took a liquor filled turn after that and I’m paying for it on the flight home.

No trip to DC would be complete without (enter a million different opinions…) a trip to South Block Juice. I love me a good acai bowl and there was one right in Georgetown. I always wish there was more time for wandering, but sadly that is not what weekend getaways are built for it seems. But these quick trips recharge my city loving soul and reaffirms that I need the diversity and endless choices that metropolitan life provides. Luckily I’ll be back on a plane heading to Chicago in just a few days. That trip will be Isagenix related, so more work focused but still scratching that travel itch.

And then there may be a quick jaunt over to Asheville if the weather ever decided to feel like fall...but more on that coming up 

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