my #bagsonamission story

If you've followed me for longer than a week, you've probably learned that I'm a military spouse. It was a lifestyle that no one can prepare you for. I never imagined I would end up marring a soldier, deal with multiple moves, and face deployments. I won't get into the myriad of people that believe 'I knew what I was signing up for', because while I knew, you never really know.

I left behind a career, moved to the mountains of Georgia where my husband was stationed and started a new life.  While I was there, I remember meeting a lot of women (now, I realize what a tiny installation Camp Merrill is compared to where I am now), I felt insecure and overwhelmed. Making friends as an adult is a skill that I didn't yet possess.  But what I didn't think would stick out so clearly, was hearing about a few spouses down the street who had started a 'purse company' in their home. My husband worked with their husbands (I'm speaking literally, everyone worked together, it was that small). When we moved a few weeks later, I followed this budding company on social media.  They were making purses out of up-cycled military surplus: shelter half pup tents, uniforms (no, not their army camouflage, but dress uniforms) and leather. 

And then about fifteen months after that, time for another move! We packed up and hit the road to NC. I was thrilled to head to this adorable town and get a chance to stay somewhere longer than eighteen months. I found a yoga studio, a wine bar, fantastic coffee, excellent cuisine and, guess who was opening a store front in this very town as well?? You got it, R. Riveter! I specifically remember in August of 2014 when they had their grand opening in the space that is (no joke) right behind me as I write these words. I grabbed my very first piece of R. Riveter gear during that opening. It was actually a dopp kit for my husband, fitting, I know. And before long, I was donating to their Kickstarter Campaign and then (being the sentimental sap that I am) cheering and cheers-ing as their Shark Tank episode was live streamed in the back of our local brewery. I even made it in the local newspaper after a reporter heard me bragging on the company to a friend. It's a funny thing being proud of something that isn't yours. I feel like this protective big sister, which is a weird thing to admit out loud. 

I have this affinity in my heart for showing fellow military spouses how they can contribute significantly to their families finances. So many of us are educated and long to have something that is our own, not to just be labeled as a dependent. While my business focuses on health and wellness, I am a champion for this wave of female entrepreneurs and their different industries and  businesses. 

When chosen to be an ambassador for R.Riveter, I was floored. Not that I needed another reason to share the company and it's mission with the world, but I was excited for another tie to the  community that I have felt a part of since joining this military world. 

I have toted these bags all over the globe with me on my travels. Every woman in my family has a Riveter bag, and the men have dopp kits. Mosby even has a collar with his name hammered into it. 

So if you want to join the revolution, and have a #bagsonamission story all your own, go check out their new spring collection. And if you see something you can't live without, use my fancy pants ambassador code: RRCHRISTIND for a sweet 15% off.  You'll have a bag that will last forever (and is guaranteed to do so), helps provides jobs for military spouses, and is beautiful (duh, that matters too).

cheers, Christin

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