the windy city

Remember that one time I went to Chicago for a work event and didn't blog about it? Wait...your life didn't stop in anticipation of my trip recap? Well color me surprised. JKJKJKJKJK. I think this has just become a fun way for me to decompress after a jaunt in a different city. To be honest, this is my third time to Chicago. All have been for my 'job'. Once for the American Library Association annual conference, once for an executive retreat with my Isagenix team, and this past trip was for a personal development/networking event. 

If I'm being transparent, I wasn't in the best headspace for a networking event. I will straight up admit that I didn't play at 100% which I'm fine with, because I still showed up. But when I wanted to go see my favorite places, I went. No regrets, no guilt (perk of working for myself and not having to report back to anyone what I learned), just me doing what brings me joy. So, I kinda like art. I'm not bougie about it, but if there is an art museum, imma go visit. I took the train downtown, grabbed a delish coffee and walked right into the Art Institute of Chicago. I strolled past the photography and whatever else (honestly, I was on a mission) was on display and walked into the Impressionist wing. I've been to some pretty amazing museums all over the world and I whole heartedly believe that the AIC has the best collection of Impressionist, Modern, and Post Modern Art. Please educate me if you think there is somewhere better (not being sassy, just really want to know). You've got your Miro, Matisse, Monet, Pollock, Picasso, Van Gogh, Magritte, Gaugin, Dali and like a bajillion others. And then there are the Chagall windows. You guys. I literally can not even. I hustled to the windows because they have my heart. I sat down in front of them and just smiled like a happy child.  I've got a thing for a few artists. They make me feel something -like 'move me to tears' feel something. And at the end of the day, whether Pollock or Miro pisses you off because you think a toddler could do it, you felt something. And I freaking love that about art. It makes you feel.

After the glorious Art Institute I made a bee line to Wrigleyville. Which was a ghost town because the Cubs *just* lost the night before. So I got the best seat at the bar and had fantastic conversations over a 312 Blonde while munching on Garretts Chicago style popcorn. I will say, Chicago is not the easiest place to find a variety of vegetarian cuisine (and I'm not about that Chicago style pizza #sorrynotsorry). Luckily I enjoyed some gorgeous Lebanese on my last night with some teammates and found an awesome brewery with a Belgian Strong that made me do a happy dance (there might even be a boomerang).  Needless to say, Chicago is wonderful and I'm already looking forward to my next trip to the windy city.

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