vegas: day three

or the day I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Thank goodness today was full of breakout sessions starting at 10am. Especially seeing how I was up until 2am dancing like I was 19. Oh, and the tequila shots also had a bit of a negative impact on my morning pep.

I got to listen to the impeccable Michael Clouse speak some wisdom to a few thousand of us in his session. 

After the sessions ended a we headed to the MGM to check into our sweet suite for the shindig we were throwing to celebrate the achievements our teams. I sadly couldn't stay to greet my team because I needed to get dressed and down to the Gala to do a little celebrating of achievements myself. I received an email a few weeks ago informing me that I would be getting an award at our Gala. Thank god for Rent the Runway! 

After grabbing the fabulous little statue, we grabbed an Uber back to the MGM to p-a-r-t-y! There was In-n-Out, gourmet cupcakes, all the adult beverages, and (because I was feeling fun) a rousing game of mini flip cup. You never know how competetive people are until they are shooting tiny red solo cups filled with Coors Light 😆 We even tied up our dresses to get down to serious business. 

We were able to celebrate Justin's birthday with a rousing tone deaf rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. 

And after about 20 *more* rounds of mini flip cup, we made it an early night because I had to be up and 'on' at 7:30a the next morning for the first segment of general session on our last day of Celebration!!!

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