vegas: day two

let's do this!

Our first full day of general session! I'm super thankful for lunch with *almost* all of our team at Celebration. I'm always blown away by the level of training and entertainment these events bring. Flo Rida came out to announce our new Cookies and Cream shake (and, of course perform a little something). Even though I've been with Isagenix for over three years, I love training on our compensation plan. One of my favorite things is to talk to other professional network marketers and hear about their company's compensation plan. Why? Because ours is a-l-w-a-y-s better. I don't have to bring products into the discussion because #science but even Tony Robbins shared that a company without exceptional products couldn't be as successful as Isagenix. 

After the general session, we went to celebrate the new Executives on our team. It's got a fun baseball theme, with champagne! Hello Veuve Clicquot. Fun fact -I 'wine-n-primed' the week before Vegas and purchased a mini polaroid camera for s&g. I broke said mini polaroid camera out and loved seeing everyone's different reactions to a 'real camera' 😆. Quick shoe change and then we were off to the Omnia in a bright yellow hummer limo (the very definition of extra) because the taxi queue was stupid long and the bright yellow hummer limo line was not. 

I don't know about you, but being 32 and quite a bit past the 'club' scene, I needed a shot of tequila the moment I walked in there. Also, being 32, I'm over the horrifyingly hot and simultaneously uncomfortable shoes. so I rocked the hell out of a sandal. But unlike the sloppy 25 year olds, my moves were on point and rocked until sometime after 1am #humblebrag

But with another exceptionally full day ahead of me, we called it quits and returned to our hotel to rest up for Tuesday's events. 

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