day two: Isle of May

 the day i almost exploded from the cuteness

I like to say "there are no words" to describe things.  The irony is not lost on me. Especially since I said it a few dozen times yesterday as I was trying to contain the ecstasy I felt while I was taking a gajillion photos.  I'm getting ahead of myself thought. I'll walk you thought yesterday, a day I will never, ever ever forget.  A single activity that has so far trumped all my exploring experiences (including diving the Great Barrier Reef).

Saturday started out as any normal Saturday would (except that I was in Scotland and there were puffins in my future). Justin and I made a shake for breakfast and hopped in the car to begin our journey to Anstruther. This is where we were catching the May Princess which took us to the Isle of May. The weather was looking at bit wet as we pulled into town, but I was so damn excited, I barely noticed. It was a 45 minute journey into the North Sea to reach the Isle. A few people got sick (lolz) but fortunately not on us. I was quite the eager beaver as we approached the island and ran to the top of the ferry to see all the sea birds as we docked. 

There is a really fascinating history about the Isle of May which you can read about here if you're into monastic culture, sea birds, war, or light houses. The island is uninhabited, with the exception of the reserve manager who keep track of bird activities, island volunteers, answers visitors questions, and the mans the light house. He welcomed us to the island and we are heavily instructed to stay on the marked paths as the puffins lay a single egg in burrows and if we deviate, we could squish whichever puffin is underground and their egg (the horror...).

I came to the Isle of May fully expecting to see puffins and sea birds. I did not however expect to find seals (oh my god there were seals) and giant wild rabbits (bunnies!!!! the ancestors of the island inhabitants pet). There were happy tears that I pretended was rain. I failed to speak when I saw the first rabbits hopping past me, these guys were larger than my cat, Adobe. And if any of you know Adobe, this is quite large. 

Then I saw the puffins. You guys, there are no words to adequately address how unbelievably adorable these birds are. But imma try. They are about a foot tall and have this adorable way of be-bopping around. I squealed so freaking much. Have any of you heard of the phenomenon called 'cuddle aggression' (if not read here)? I have a very advanced stage and the struggle was real. 

The lighthouse on the island opened up at 4 and we climbed up to the top to see a birds eye view (🤣) of the island. After exploring for three hours and getting a bit wind whipped and damp, we headed back to the boat to nab some dry seats.

Heading back to Anstruther, the sun came out and it turned into a lovely evening. I was emotionally exhausted as we got into our hotel in Perth (which was beneath a pub). Who knew so much cuteness could drain a person?

On to Inverness tomorrow to search for Nessie...