day one: travel and Edinburgh

Red eye flights and Christin don't get along. I am always worried that if I sleep too deeply that I'll get a blood clot and die (#truestory). So, I move around a lot in my seat. As you can imagine, my rowmates just love me.

I'll confess that after traveling to Australia earlier this year, there is no flight that will ever feel that long (21+ hours not including layovers). This made me cocky going into my easy peasy seven hour flight to London. I had extra leg room and no one sitting next to me. Jackpot. 

Silly Christin, feeling confident. 

I had crazy leg pain which only incited my terror of immediate death (even thought I had my compression calf socks on...) and I couldn't get my ambient sounds app to lull me into a gentle yet medicated slumber.

Fastforward seven hours, to what feels like one am, and I'm deplaning and looking for food and caffeine. My dumbass packed all my shake and bars in my checked baggage (chance favors the prepared my friends). 

I arrived in Edinburgh without incident and had the most lovely taxi driver who told me all about the best places to have pints around the country (apparently there are a lot). 

Justin arrived a few hours after I did and we went off to climb the 278 stairs of the largest monument to a writer in the world (insert inner librarian dance of joy). The Scott Monument is quite a vision to behold. It got a bit snug climbing to the top, but the views and architecture were well worth it. 

We traversed to the Royal Mile to see what there was to see, and then decided to stuff our faces with delicious Indian food before heading back to the hotel to get an excellent nights sleep in preparation for tomorrow.

Because tomorrow, we see the puffins (tries in vain to contain extreme joy and desire to lash out in cuddle aggression).