Yeah, it's time.

If you saw my post about comfort you know that I strive to live *just* outside of my comfort zone.

 It sucks.

If you’ve ever made the conscious decision and commitment to personal and professional growth, you know what I mean. It is hard and uncomfortable, but it is where the good stuff hangs out.

Insert my 30-day reset.

The end of May marks my three year anniversary with Isagenix. Why is this important you ask? Isagenix has transformed my life. It has changed the way I look at nutrition and our beautiful bodies. It has changed my finances and the financial blueprints of the hundreds of people on my team.

But let’s get back to my initial transformation. When I first started putting this nutrition in my body (along with learning about what our bodies actually need) I lost a whole bunch'a weight. Like an entire toddler. And the many inches...from all over.

So here is the thing with living and traveling and enjoying all the fine things that come along with living the life  designed: I traveled, drank good wine, ate impeccable meals with friends from around the world, and didn’t focus on the balance that my body required to stay in its healthiest form. 

I feel it's necessary to say that I don’t have a problem with my body, quite the opposite in fact. I love this vehicle that takes me to beautiful places. I love it *so* much, that I want to make sure it is in the best shape possible, so I can continue these travels and explorations until I’m dead. Seriously.

However, having the best nutrition in the world in your back pocket is a blessing and a curse. 

"How is that?" So glad you asked. 

I just kept putting off another 30-day reset. When you have the answer literally at your finger tips its easy to say, “oh gosh, I’ve got this awesome 90’s bar crawl/trip to Australia/new bottle of wine to try, so i’ll just do it later.

Y’all that has been me for the past 6 months.

And so there I stood, looking at my reflection in the window of my favorite deli on the upper west side, completely and fully ready to reset.

Honestly, that was the hardest part, committing to a start date, no matter what.

And I did.

April 11th. 

Fun Fact about Christin, I’m a slut for information and knowledge. I crave it. 

I decided that there may be other people like me that are kinda curious what it is that I’m doing and want to follow along. Maybe they want to do it too, maybe they want to cheer me on, either way, you’re going to get me and my process over the next month. It will probably get a little TMI #sorryimnotsorry.

My grammar won’t be perfect, I’ll switch between the active and passive voice, and I’ll comma splice the hell out of things. I’ll probably also talk in hashtags too. #dealwithit

So here I go, welcoming a change for my body and what I know will be an even bigger transformation for my life.

Cheers, Christin