Week two recap

Two down, two to go.

This week saw a bit of a plot twist on Saturday night. In the form of a stomach bug that descended upon me like a plague of locus. 

Fun, right?

Annnnyway, this week I incorporated some weight training in my fitness-ing along with yoga. Sadly I haven't exercised since Saturday morning (due to aforementioned biblical like plague). I'm going to give yoga a try tonight, or possibly tomorrow morning. Honestly, I didn't realize how exhausted I would be. I was spent after my back-to-back story time sessions this morning (which is sad seeing as how I'm seated for the majority of it). So I'm resting in the form of drinking iced herbal peach tea at the coffee shop next to the library. 

Week two saw no blunders in terms of emotional eating (refer back to week one recap), and I think I've fully detoxed the caffeine out of my system. It's not that I've got something against caffeine, I just forgot that it was freaking everywhere. I began craving it.  Also, I *really* like cafe breves (this is how you drink a latte in Europe, but we had to mess it up with skim or some kind of nut milk). Two shots and steamed half and half, delicious and such a treat, but it was turning into my 'go to' morning coffee. I've already stocked up on my Nespresso pods and will be returning to coffee when this thirty days is up, but much less that I was a month ago. Because I don't need it.

This will certainly come as a shock, but I've had no craving for alcohol. On Saturday I did have Patron, with lime and a splash of OJ at at patio party. Make no mistake, it was delicious, but I love that I'm no longer jonesin for a glass of wine or a beer. Not to mention my food cravings are gone too. I will never grow tired of being amazed of what happens when you cut the unnecessary and fuel your body properly.

I'm noticing some great changes from my body too. My skin is looking better and I know I've shed some inches around my midsection. The scale continues to move too. Since I've thrown in weights, I wholehearted expect and anticipate some muscle growth so I'm no longer looking at the scale for progress as such as I am my existing wardrobe. 

Tomorrow is a cleanse day and I'm excited to replenish my body with so much of what I lost during that bug. That probably sounds foreign to any of you that don't cleanse using Isagenix. But I don't deprive my body of anything it needs, just what it doesn't (basically the opposite of what happened to me Sunday). So tomorrow I'll be flooding my system with aloe, turmeric, loads of vitamins, antioxidants and all the plant based botanicals this beautiful body needs to feel its best.

I'm so happy with these two weeks and after checking in with the handful of women that are resetting with me, I'm not alone in that feeling.

Cheers, Christin

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