Week three recap

So this is how bad I am at math.

On a train ride home from #tacotuesday with some ladies on my team in Long Island, I figured out the parameters of my thirty day reset. Including the dates. I planned that it would start April 11 and end May 4th. Surprisingly, that night I only consumed two drinks, so I can't even blame the tequila.

Last weekend, as I was rounding the corner into week three, this little genius realized that, hold up, May 4th was *actually* in the middle of my last week. I somehow thought 24 days was 30 (it is times such as this, where I'm thankful I have other amiable assets).

My reset does not in fact end on the 4th, it finishes up on the 10th. The funny thing is that when I realized this, I was happy. I don't want this to end. Weird right? While I do miss a gorgeous cafe breve (y'all I had an almond milk decaf latte on Sunday....no, just no), I am totally fine without wine, beer, gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, and cheese. Dare I say I'm better that fine? My body sure as hell thinks so.

I had a super social weekend. I spent my wedding anniversary with friends and had a delicious hand crafted strawberry balsamic margarita. Saturday saw an amazing Reggae yoga flow followed by a wine tasting event (insert gasp here). I wasn't planning on attending but a friend offered me a ticket so I went. I *literally* had three sips of wine and dumped the rest out. Not gonna lie, it all tasted so sweet and I'm slightly concerned what this could mean for my future drinking endeavors. After lots of chatting and extroverting, I had THE BEST veggie burger of my life. I've noshed on meatless burgers from the Pac NW to NYC, and this cashew, sweet potato and red quinoa burger with cabbage slaw and barbecue sauce, rocked my world. 

I have been an active little bumblebee as well. Kicking my yoga up a notch (or several) and extending Mosby's walks. Nothing extreme, but this week has shown me some noticeable transformations in my body. My scale hasn't been moving as much as it was in week one, but the way my clothes fit and my body moves has. Several friends that have haven't seen me commented on glowing skin and a slimmer face. And bonus, my knees feel brand new (🙌🏼) thanks to not having to haul as much of me around. 

So here I am, 9 days away from the 'finish' line, so thankful that there really isn't a finish line. This isn't a race, this isn't a diet, this is a reset for a healthier me. It was never about a quick fix or hoping for a miracle to happen because I drank a shake. I know that our bodies are the miracle and that when we fuel them properly, ridiculously awesome things happen. 

Cheers, Christin