Week one recap

It almost feels silly recapping my first week because it felt so normal. 

I (surprisingly) didn't experience any caffeine or alcohol withdrawals. SCORE. I still enjoyed the hell out of taco tuesday and even went to Pinehurst's Live after 5 event and was surrounded by beer trucks and tipsy strangers, gyrating to Motown music. 

To be completely transparent, I have allowed myself tequila (seems ridiculous, but don't question my brand of genius) during my reset. I went to a favorite local watering hole and enjoyed O-N-E drink Friday that was magically crafted by a gentleman who uses only the finest ingredients. 

It was smooth sailing until I found out we may actually have to leave this wonderful little town when my husband comes home. That is where the Ezekiel bread snuck in and offered to comfort my sad and anxiety ridden heart. If you've never had sesame Ezekiel bread with some Kerigold butter and Everything But the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joes, you just haven't lived my friend. I ate my feelings. I *could* have used a healthy adult coping mechanism, but I didn't and somehow I lived to tell the tale. 

I realize how silly it sounds to confess that I ate some sprouted grain bread. But I want to be transparent about my experience, so there ya have it. I diverted from my day's food plan and this is my accountability tracker. 

As I round the corner into week two I'm finding myself already feeling smaller in the belly area (praise!) and have said "adios" to four pounds. This week I'm going to *actually* work out (not just say that I'm going to work out) in the full gym that in in my garage. And of course I'll continue with yoga, hopefully taking in a few more classes than I did this past week (which was just one 🙈). 

Tomorrow I'm jumping into my first cleanse during this reset. I can't wait to try the new peach mango shake that was just released and will have one to break my intermittent fast on Thursday morning! Here's to week two!

Cheers, Christin