The ten day transformation

Ohhhh hey. Remember me? Yeah, it's been a hot second. Don't worry, it wasn't you. It was totally me. I felt a bit blocked and had literally no idea what to share. Of course I had a million thoughts about health and nutrition over the past month, but zero desire to write about it. 

There is always something about the new year that causes me to throw all my fucks out the window and be as lazy as humanly possible. Just being honest over here in my corner of the internet. But something happened last Sunday (the 21st to be exact). I got fed up. I was over feeling like crap and looking the like. 

Let me break this down . . . and not because you may particularly care, but because blogs are quasi narcissistic and this is, after all, my blog. Sometimes it is a real challenge to stay 'on track' with healthy choices and being a 'product of the product'. And the reason is surprisingly simple: when you've got the solution to weight loss at your finger tips, it is extraordinarily easy to put it off until 'tomorrow'. 

Well, 'tomorrow' came that Sunday the 21st. It wasn't a particularly special day, I signed up for my amazing friend's yoga class and I decided to practice for ten days straight. That, and a girlfriend of mine challenged me: 10 days of her Whole30 versus 10 days of my blended healthy lifestyle. 

Imma recap my 10 days (which wrapped up today) so you can see how simple it is to start and achieve measurable results: 90 minutes of hot yoga every day, replacing breakfast and lunch (most of the time) with my macro balanced protein shake, dinner as usual -still vegetarian- which included housing half of a pizza on night, a 48 hour cellular cleanse, 4 wine dates with friends, several gallons of water, and daily walks with Mosby. Zero salads or kale smoothies. Nothing you'd think someone who lost 11 pounds in 10 days would do.

Yeah, I dropped 11 pounds in 10 days. I won the challenge with my friend and more importantly, I won the challenge with the jeans that were starting to permanently indent the button logo in my abdomen.  I've alluded to my dislike of the term 'balance' in a previous post. I don't think this past week was balanced because yoga every damn day was exhausting. But making easy adjustments, like swapping a bowl of oatmeal for a cookies and cream shake, is easier than easy. 

I got tipsy on some beautiful Belgium beer last Sunday and thought up 'My Blended Health'.  I prefer the concept of blended over balanced and I love my nutrition -which I blend up every day . . . get it blended (I'm a sucker for a good pun). So that's what I shall hereto forthright refer to my life, my journey with nutrition and keeping it 100 with y'all: my blended health.

Make no mistake, I'm human and will always have that deep internal struggle with eating all the things versus fitting into the clothes I currently own. I'll always be honest about it, I'll always shoot straight with you guys because I have nothing to be ashamed of or hide. I'm not going to house a row of Oreos in the corner like I'm a criminal, I'll do it in broad daylight. 

If you're ready to live a healthy blended life and want to enjoy your body and what you fuel it with, I'm here to show you the best way I know how to do that. If you want to continue with what you're doing because it works for you, hell yeah sister. Keep on keeping on. I'm here to support and love on every BODY. 

cheers, Christin

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