The summer of galettes


I don't know where to even begin with this post. Oh wait, yes I do. Have any of you watched the Great British Baking Show? Cause that would be the catalyst for my galette (and accompanying frangipane) obsession.

So I really do enjoy this show, I feel like I could go on and do an entire separate post about the goodness and pure wholesome joy of baking that it encompasses (versus modern American reality ie: bachelorette, housewives, etc). That's a tangent that I really don't want to go into at the moment. MUST STAY FOCUSED ON GALETTES. While becoming a total fan girl of Mary Berry's, I kept hearing 'frangipane' scattered throughout the seasons and because I'm super lazy and don't like google-ing anything, I Marco Polo'd my girl Megan who is a baker. She told me all about it and we decided to have a summer camp style baking day (like all normal adult women do). On the baking list were scones, macarons, apple dumplings, and a frangipane galette. 

Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I had never heard of the whimsical magic known as frangipane. I know there is going to be that one friend that insists she's known about it. But can we all just be honest, almond flour doesn't make too many guest appearances in the good ol' US of A. So here I am on the cusp of my first frangipane experience, excited as hell. 

If were being honest over here in Christin's baking corner, I never eat galettes either. The traditional pie method was preferred during my childhood (because it came pre made in a tin in the freezer section). Add in some of my favorite rhubarb and this is just the biggest culinary expedition I'd been on all year. 

We had a blast baking and painting and just being the manic goofballs that we've been since fifteen. But y'all, the treats...the treats were transcendent. This rhubarb frangipane galette was absolute perfection and I had to hold myself back from eating every last crumb. 

I thought you might like to make this perfect summer treat so here is the recipe Megan shared with me. I made a second galette a few days later and used granny smith apples and local blueberries. You can also just get jiggy with it and do whatever fruit is in season.

Alexandra Cooks Rhubarb Frangipane Galette 

The one amendment we made was adding a bit more sugar with the rhubarb due to the tartness. If you like it nice and tart, keep the recipe as is. If you prefer a sweeter presentation, use 1/2 cup sugar mixed in with the rhubarb. Either way it will be delicious, and you'll thank me (or better yet, invite me over for a cocktail and slice).

cheers, Christin