The glorification of busy

Productivity is essential for success. We have to show up to work to get paid. Completing tasks gets us closer to our goals (and hopefully, our dreams).

But are we ever busy to be busy? Busy because slowing down could give our frantic minds enough time to stop, reflect and point out areas where we may feel some discontent? Do we glorify busy because it makes us feel important and successful? Makes us feel 'in demand'?

This started as an instagram post, but the words kept coming so I flopped over here and started typing. I wanted to convey that a lot of people are busy for busy's sake, but then (as I often do) I started to wonder why that is. I started thinking what kind of minds struggle with stillness, meditation, reflection and silence. So, here are a few things I came up with after zero coffee, on a rainy Monday morning:

Extrovert v. Introvert- For starters, if one more person tells me they are an introvert because they don't like people... I won't be able to control the look I give you. You don't like people, because you don't like people. Or maybe all your acquaintances and friends are assholes? IDK, but that doesn't make you an introvert, SO  STOP  SAYING  IT. I'll get back on track. One of the hallmark differences on introverts and extroverts is how they spend their time reflecting. Introverts tend to be more introspective and internally focused (doesn't mean we are narcissists FYI). Extroverts focus their attention and thoughts on the world, externally. I only point these differences out to pose the thought that perhaps extroverts stay busy because they are traditionally focused outwardly and aren't typically programmed to reflect and internalize. When they (if they) slow down, maybe their brains start looking inward and reflecting? And sometimes that could be a box they don't want to open. Facing emotions and feelings that they don't want to stare down. This is all Christin psychology (clearly, I crave to know the how and why of human behavior) And obvs, no one is 100% introverted or extroverted. We are all just a bunch of squishy ambiverts trying to survive.

Importance & Significance- For some, busy is how they convey their importance. And then to those they are too busy for, perhaps it shows how desirable and precious their free time is. This might be a stretch, and perhaps I'm not doing it justice with my words. But there is a thought that people are attracted to those who have a lot going on. So maybe if I fluster around a lot, I'll seem a whole heck of a lot more important and successful than I actually am. When I'm meeting with new friends or people interested in Isagenix, they always thank me for making time for them, because I must be so busy. I always correct them. I'm never busy. Sometimes I'm working, sometimes I'm writing, sometimes I'm painting, sometimes I'm drinking coffee with friends, sometimes I'm answering questions about what I do, sometimes I'm doing storytime for babies, sometimes I'm drinking beer and posting on instagram, sometimes I'm walking Mosby. But I'm never busy. More importantly, I'm never too busy for something that I want to do. Like helping people, or listening to people. Or spending time taking care of myself. This shocks a lot of people until they get to know me and they see how I live my life. 

Fear of _____- What if we are just so damn busy because we literally have no idea how else to live? We are afraid if we take a second to #treatyoself we will be condemned as lazy or unproductive. I have mastered the art of making myself unconcerned with how people view me and my life. Especially those that have little impact and bring little/no joy to it. Harsh, yes. Necessary, hell yes. Why do I remember the phrase 'idle hands are the devils playground'? I wasn't brought up in a religious home (but I did go to a church-y school in 2nd grade that terrified me to no end). Is it somehow unGodly to be idle? I am fairly certain there is a super popular saying 'be still and know I am God' (y'all fact check me, cause it's been a hot minute since I've been to church). Religiocity aside, why are we afraid to just chill out? To say 'no' to things that fluff up our calendar? (Saying no is a whole nuther topic I don't have the energy to jump into at the moment).

Have I totally missed the mark? I'd love to know your opinion of busy-ness (or busi-ness, see what I did there, business...) I also challenge you, that if you're someone who is a totally busy bumblebee, flittering around, freaking the fu@k out about almost everything that crosses your path.... take a break, have a pot of tea and sit in silence for 20 minutes. No, not meditation, just sitting and being still. If the thought of that makes you want to claw your eyes out, take five minutes and just take a bunch of deep breaths and ask yourself  w h y  sitting and just being freaks you out. 

And remember, I'm never too busy to listen.

cheers, Christin

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