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Two years ago (sweet baby jesus how was this two years ago) when we were entering the shit storm of the 2016 elections and all the frivolity that it entailed, I decided that it would be in the best interest (for whom, I’ll get to that) that I remain politically and sassily neutral on social media. I believed that it was best for business that I not alienate anyone that may want to join me in Isagenix by being vocal about my beliefs.  That seems reasonable, right? But what I really felt was that I didn’t want to deal with the confrontation. I didn’t want to deal with closed minded people who couldn’t engage in a healthy and respectful discourse if their lives depended on it. I didn’t want to get flustered and heated when talking to people who blatantly disagreed with my beliefs. Re: I was scared/intimidated/lazy.

If I didn’t have these conversations, I didn’t have to know that much about what was actually happening in my country nay world. I could use the excuse of diplomacy versus ignorance. It all went swimmingly until I realized that me playing it safe and sound would benefit no one. My business didn’t benefit better because I stayed neutral. I just was stagnant. Like pond scum.

Let me clarify incase y’all are like “oh great, one more person re-posting shit on facebook that I’ll have to block”… this isn’t my foray into spamming people on the internet. I’m just not giving a fuck if my educated, well-thought opinion offends or differs from yours. I welcome the hell out of a healthy, respectable conversation. I long and crave meaningful conversation, not if you think the hurricane is going to hit and what category it will be when it makes landfall. I can make no promises that I won’t get heated or passionate about my beliefs. But I can promise that I have thought it through. I listen, and am generally incredibly empathetic towards others positions. Unless you’re an ass. Then I won’t bother being polite.

I have seen a wave of women coming around that make me so proud.. Women who don’t apologize for their existence, their bright brains, and they certainly don’t feel the need to please and entertain others at their own expense. I love these brazen, bold, unapologetic women. So in an effort to be just an ounce more ‘me’, to honor this crazy brain in my curly head, I will stop attempting to blend in. I will stop feeling guilty for posting things that indicate how I feel about life and the world around me.

I was sent a fascinating article about how no one cares about your social media. That we spend too much time worrying if we are posting at the correct time, not repeating outfits, creating an appealing feed, etc. I’ve tried to meticulously curate an instagram feed over the past year and it hasn’t done a single thing for me, except take me out of my real life and edit who I am. 

I actually believe the validation I’m seeking from strangers/friends on instagram could be filled with real conversations about current events that are bringing me joy, or pissing me off. And hearing thoughts (however different they are from mine) will give me more validation that any double tap ever will. Because maybe I’m making you think too. Maybe you’ll stop giving a fuck if the photo you’re VSCO-ing won’t “go” in your feed for another week because you can’t have too many selfies. Stop apologizing for only posting photos of your kid/cat because it makes you happy and they’re cute. Keep sharing your free enrollment/new season shake releases (and laugh your way to the bank cause that ish PAYS YOU). Post yourself in the same outfit back to back cause it wasn’t cheap and you look sexy af.

I’m going to be over here looking for validation (cause we all need it, I don’t care how self actualized you are), from conversations and from people who nod at my current affairs thoughts, rather than delete a photo because it didn’t get enough likes in the right amount of time (yep, I’ve done this). 

So no, I’m not going to be passive aggressive and say “if you don’t like this than you can unfollow me and I don’t care.” I do care. I’m not frivolous with my words and thought and in an effort to create a world that is kinder and that thinks more, I ask you to keep an open mind, to engage with people who have a world view that is different than yours. Read my words, formulate your opinion and let’s talk about it.

Cheers, Christin

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