(still) Meat free for me

So if you read my last post (No meat? Kale, yeah), you'll know that I 86ed the meats for two weeks. 

But then kept going.

The repeated question has been "but whyyyyyyyyyy?" Which, lemme tell ya, I just love. To clarify, I honestly do love inquisitive minds for the purpose of true knowledge. But the condescending "you're stupid for doing that", line of questioning makes me want to throat punch people. Sidenote: should I have put a "warning: contains graphic imagery" disclaimer? So when it comes up in conversation, I just smile and say that it's not easy, but I'm going to do it anyway.

The not eating meat part is not what isn't easy (all the double negatives), it's the eating something healthy and protein-y, that is difficult. For me. For most, this is a walk in the park, but I'm what most would call a picky eater. I prefer the word 'simple', but after a month of no meat, I recognize that I'm just picky and kinda closed minded about food. Which is yet, another reason why I'm doing this. It is a tad more difficult to find a healthy non-salad option on the menu when I go out to eat. Especially since I don't particularly enjoy mushrooms or eggplant (the two staple restaurant vegetarian dishes being mushroom risotto and eggplant parmigiana). I'm doing just fine, and recognize that this is by all means the very definition of a 'first world problem'. 

Circling back to the point I was trying to make two paragraphs ago, just because this isn't easy for me doesn't mean it isn't right for me, and for the bigger picture. For most things in life, we say, "if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you" or "the best views come from the hardest climb" and all that inspirational stuff that is plastered all over our Facebook pages. I see my foray into vegetarianism as the same thing. Since when do I let things that are difficult or a bit uncomfortable (i.e. trying new foods, making new friends, trying my hand at growing a business) stop me? Uh, never. I should want to put the best food in my body, and sometimes that means sacrificing convenience (luckily Isagenix is convenient af) or comfort for trying new cuisine or blending a shake up for lunch instead of running out and grabbing a sub.

I'm also a big fan of listening to my body, because it will scream at you if you're doing something it doesn't like. Headaches, fatigue, breakouts, weight gain, cravings, irritability, etc. And while I know it is perfectly normal to experience headaches and irritability when you're cutting out processed sugar or caffeine, prolonged symptoms should be a red flag. Luckily, I feel freaking amazing. I am sleeping better and my body is responding in ways I can only translate as 'well' with having no meat. My skin looks better than it has pretty much ever and I've lost ten lbs. I attribute the weight loss to not 'picking up' crap for lunch and eating loads more veggies and power grains. I'm consistently getting 60-70g of protein daily with just Isagenix and have been making plant protein rich dinners. I recognize that protein is a huge concern for many when going meat free, and if you're in that boat, I can help. Having quality, sustainable protein has made this switch much easier than if I was just going rogue and trying to figure it all out on my own.

So in closing (lol), I'm going to continue down this path for the unforeseeable future (maybe until I'm presented with Groucho's for lunch), and see how the longevity of no meats affects me. I'm all ears if anyone has recipes, tips, tricks or thoughts on living that #bestlife 😆

Cheers, Christin

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