The illusion of 'healthy'

The topic of this post hit me when I saw 'gluten free' on a tube of polenta in the produce aisle at our MASSIVE Harris Teeter in Pinehurst. 

Duh there is no gluten in polenta. Polenta is corn. Corn doesn't have gluten. 

I then walked the majority of the store (including those dreaded aisles we are all suppose to avoid) to see how much 'healthy' marketing was hanging out there. 

As a society we are avoiding sugar like the plague. So now everything has a substitute sweetener (because also, as a society we are mad addicted to sugar, the irony does not escape me). Some of these substitute sweeteners come from fruits and plants, some come from artificial sources. Our bodies like natural things, things that come from nature (crazy, huh?) but I worry that we are focused more on 'low fat' or 'sugar free' and eating/drinking chemical shitstorms in their place.

That is not a technical term. FYI.

There is also a big difference in eating 'processed' food and food that goes through a process. Yeah, I know, it sounds the same, but I'll try to explain. Chicken nuggets that are made from grinding up all the chicken parts and squeezed into dino shapes, that is processed. Cheese is created through a process of coagulating milk with rennet and separating curds from whey (Little Miss Muffet knew all about this). All of that is a process. I know I'm being technical, but I think it is necessary. I get shade for drinking a meal VS. eating the whole veggies, fruits etc, all the time. I know everything in my shake is natural because my company does DNA testing on the ingredients to make sure the turmeric is *actually* turmeric and contains no heavy metals or pesticides. I know Harris Teeter isn't doing that. I couldn't afford to eat all the organic (don't even get me started on 'certified organic' labeling...) produce contained in my shake even if I wanted to chug down the horror of what that would taste like. Add in the undenatured grass fed whey from New Zealand. HA. I'd be broke.

In true Christin fashion, I got off track. Back to Harris Teeter.

There is an overwhelming trend of gluten free labeling on foods that never (sorry *should* never have contained) gluten. Are we equating gluten free with healthy now? I'm genuinely curious. I have dear friends that suffer for Celiac and am not talking about those with an intolerance or sensitivity, but those that think its healthier? 

I also meandered through the salad bar, hot asian bar, soup bar, wing bar, pizza station, and see all the veggies swimming in a sauce or have been blanched of all nutrients and taste so we add 'the things' to make them palatable. 


Chasing this illusion of health is exhausting. I hate that I have to do research to know if it is *actually* good for me. And clearly I can't trust what the label is telling me (hello marketing). Even on this thirty day reset, I'm checking my snacks more carefully than I did the first go round (because I had no idea what healthy actually was). 

Fortunately, I know that for breakfast and lunch every day, I am putting the best nutrition possible in my body. And the only magic happening is when our bodies are fueled properly and those stubborn pounds start coming off (thank you week 1 results!).

Cheers, Christin  

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