It may (or may not, depending on how well you know me) come as a surprise to find out that I'm not the biggest fan of traditional exercise. 

It comes in waves, really. I love the hell out of some hot yoga, but am super picky about which instructor's classes I do, so that is limiting. I have everything I need to lift heavy things in my garage, but very often lack the motivation to do it alone. Inversely, I'll go workout at the gym and don't want anyone to watch or attempt to motivate me. 

Y'all see my conundrum. Basically it comes down to the fact that I don't much like to exercise. Well, I kind-of *hate* the showering part after the exercising. Cause then I have to do my hair and so on and so on. (In case you hadn't noticed, I'm great at making up excuses)

Now, fun outdoors-y exercising is more in my wheelhouse. Take me to a mountain and I'll be the first to hike up it with you. Wanna kayak down some river?  Cool bro, I'm in.  Obviously, that't not always an option.

During this reset, I'm doing my best (well, almost two weeks into it) to get some more sweat sessions on my calendar. While I prefer yoga all the live long day, I know lifting is going to help me get the most out of all this gorgeous protein that I'm drinking. So I'm adding some strength training. 

If you could see me, you'd laugh (and LaHa, my personal trainer friend/workout buddy, often does). Lifting weights is pretty unnatural for me. On Friday, she told me to get into an athletic stance. WTF is an athletic stance? Is it like a batter up to bat? Or a runner about to take off sprinting down the track? We quickly established its the less crunchy way to say Tadasana aka Mountain Pose (y'all yogis know what I'm talking about), except with your feet wider apart. 

Still, I've heard its hilarious watching my face try to figure out what the hell I'm actually suppose to be doing when I dead lift, or do overhead presses.

I over analyze every freaking detail of my body and it takes me extraordinarily longer to do something simple because I'm always like "Is this right? It doesn't feel right". Which basically translates into "this is hard". This is why I've tended to lean towards yoga. I'm struggling to breathe so my mind doesn't have the time to think about how difficult anything is. And everyone else is class is also trying to not die, so they aren't one bit concerned with what the heck is going on over on my mat. 

I guess the point is that muscle burns fat, and abs are made in the kitchen. So Imma keep looking goofy af lifting those weights, keep drinking that protein, and continue to avoid all the crap so that my body can transform back to its healthiest version. 

Progress not perfection. 

Cheers, Christin

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