essential oils: honest and simple

In the age of modern wellness, finding the right approach to feeling your best is often clouded with differing opinions and unclear information. Partnering with leaders in health and wellness, they know a thing or two about leading the way to holistic well-being. They understand that when it comes to essential oils, not everyone knows where to begin.

I have diffused and occasionally used oils in the past but have always been overwhelmed by everything that is out there and confusingly named blends. The internet is no help (shocker), I've ready so much conflicting information on oils (and people claiming it cures diseases and ailments). I have no doubt that essentials oils have incredible benefits both mentally and physically, but I'm really down with science.
Essence by Isagenix did the heavy lifting for me (and does for you). They’ve cut through the complex science to show you how these no-compromise products can fit in to the holistic healthy lifestyle you already love. They’ve harnessed the power of nature to bring you a high-quality collection of essential oils and blends that you can feel confident using – all while you target your desired results.

The Essence line features 100 percent pure, unadulterated essential oils backed by the company’s no-compromise commitment. The line is a natural extension of existing offerings, as Isagenix has harnessed the power of botanicals since its inception in 2002. Essential oils are already used in many of our awesome existing products. From plant-based protein to the exceptional properties of adaptogens, our scientists continuously research ways to grow products and solutions through identifying, extracting, and enhancing the best nature has to offer.

Check out what makes Isagenix different and how to get the collection and tell me what interests you most about incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle. And we'll figure out how to reach those holistic health goals!!

Christin DaubertComment