A note on balance

Balance is a tricky little thing. Whether I'm in yoga trying to close my eyes (and not fall on the woman next to me) and nail dancer pose, or maintain a healthy relationship with food, the struggle is real. 

I'll be the first person to say, "It's all about balance" or "balance is key", but I'm a whole hell of a lot better balancing in yoga than I am off my mat. 

I'll explain.

I don't *do* well with "balance" because I don't treat myself for an activity. If this works for you, great. But if I want a cupcake and didn't go on a run, I'm still going to eat a cupcake. Plain and simple. This reward system, this teeter totter of approved and not approved foods, just doesn't jive with who I am.  

I've also never been someone who follows the philosophy that we should only to eat to survive. God Bless those people. But I'll take multiple courses with perfectly paired beverages and hours of conversation that last well into the night. Excessive? Perhaps. Enchanting? Absolutely.

And there I went off on a tangent. Typical Christin. Ok, back to balance. The point I am *trying* to make is that balance may not be achievable. And that is O-K-A-Y. Maybe, let's find a better word, one that doesn't have us living like a tight rope walker. What about harmony? Alignment? Do we think those are better words than "balance"? If you've got a suggestion, please send it my way.

After all, we throw ourselves into our jobs and our family life may take a back seat for a season. We go on extended holidays and our work may suffer. We indulge in food that doesn't fuel our body properly and our body starts revolting (aka the dreaded muffin top). 

Luckily, order can be restored.  And a particularly careless season can be turned around (quickly and healthily might I add). These 30 days will not be about deprivation. They will be focused on fueling (and moving) my body in ways that serve it wholly. So while I won't be eating cupcakes, I will be equipped with the knowledge of why my body is craving certain foods, and redirect my confused mind to what it *actually* needs. #BecauseScience

Cheers, Christin



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