Back to Basics

I feel like 'basic' has, as of late, taken on a different meaning. Basic is now someone who lacks depth, original thoughts and talks in #hashtags. I have no issue with 'basic' people, I just don't like how basic now seems negative.

I thought of a 'Back to Basics' reset as a simple play off 'Back to School'. But then, not being satisfied with just one layer of a idea, I kept digging for why this name and idea was resonating so deeply with me. 

And voila. It struck me. First of all, I wanted to restore the proper definition of 'basic' (think fundamental) . Obviously I do not alone have that power, but imma try. And second, I think we need to simplify things. Like all the things. Life is too crazy to add more crazy to it.  Especially when it comes to our health and figuring out how to fuel our bodies. Wording being of the utmost importance to me, I chose 'reset' over 'challenge'

Insert Back to Basics Reset. A chance for everyone to subtract some crazy from their lives and diets. A chance to cut out the frills and complications of counting calories, or worrying about weight loss percentages and competition. Because at the end of the day, you are really only competing with who you were yesterday. I'm the anthesis of competitive (any of you that are familiar with Stregnthfinders, competition is my 29th out of 34th strength). I've got some wicked competitive friends and relatives, and that's great! I just wanted to strip all that away and for us to focus on the basics. Simple, small, sustainable steps we could take to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. 

So what does it look like? 

I'm a woman who likes options. You want to commit to a total body reset for thirty days with no alcohol or caffeine, 86 the crap from your diet? Perfect. This is right up your alley. You want more of a lifestyle reset for eleven days, where you're allowed to have some wine and still get the results you've been looking all over pinterest for? Hi, I'm here to help. Let's get you all set up. Basically I'm committed to helping anyone who just wants to start a change. It's tough (see my 'about me') but I've done it, and keep doing it because I've found something that actually works. Nutrition that will change you.

So if you've read enough and you're ready to play a more active role in you heath, shoot me a message.

If you've not read enough and you aren't sure if this will work, shoot me a message.

I'm off to go buy tarps for any 'worst case scenarios' with Irma. No milk sandwiches for us though. I've got a badass Berkey water purifier and plenty of shakes, bars and other goodies to ride out about ten hurricanes.

Cheers, Christin

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