Art. therapy

If you've followed me for more than a minute, you've see me share some of my favorite travel destinations which invariably include museums. I've always appreciated art. Some of the classic stuff, some of the modern stuff. On a not so recent trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, I witnessed a 'friend' get super pissed off at an exhibit. In her defense, it was a really stupid exhibit. But y'all, she got so mad and was very vocal about how mad she was that this was in the same space as the masters. I laughed *literally* in her face. This was the point when I realized that the entire point of art is to make you feel something. Anything. 

Watching someone else experience art so extremely showed me its powerful stronghold over us. Whether we are brought to tears at the Chagall stained glass windows (guilty and I visit them every time I'm in Chicago) or we are flabbergasted that the works of Jackson Pollock go for millions when 'you kid could have easily done that'. I love the visceral reaction to something that technically is just paint on a canvas. 

I love that abstract art leaves most people incapable of explaining what it is that they find appealing or unattractive about a piece. There is just 'something'. It is a feeling that is tough to put into words. I absolutely love that. I am someone that has always struggled to find the right words and through art, I don't have to. I can just create something and it speaks for me.

And so began my lust for art. 

Fast forward 5 years and I played around with paint and brushes. I love the feeling of painting, but was so damn displeased with what I made. it was flat and basic and not 'me'. Fast forward a few more months and I see a work of art clearly created with a palette knife. So I bought a four pack of plastic palette knifes and repurposed the canvas that left me feeling 'meh'. I had an easel I use for giant paper to I draw out the compensation plan for my company. I had everything I needed. Now I just had to see what I could create.

And create I did. I absolutely loved what I was putting together on the canvas. I set up my easel on the back deck and streamed some OAR and just, played. It really is the only way to explain it.  I tried new things and explored a side of my brain that I don't think I'd ever tapped into. And then the coolest thing happened: people started asking me if I sold my art.  

Every time some reaches out to see if I'd make something for them, I just smile and think how surreal it is that friends and strangers are buying my play time creation. 

So if you'd like to see what I've finished click here to browse . I have some pieces available for sale and would love nothing more than to chat about creating something for you.

Thanks again friends and strangers, you've really made my day.