And so it begins....

Oh, hey day one. You're looking fabulous if I do say so myself.

I've plopped my facebook live from last night going over what this thirty day reset will look like. So watch if you're curious ----->

I'm rocking my breakfast shake with my OG standby. French Vanilla, cinnamon and Ionix Supreme. These are the times I feel grateful that after 3 years I'm still so in love with the simplicity of these shakes and how bangin' they make me feel. 

I enjoyed a delicious nut blend (pistachios, pecans, almonds and pepitas) and a peach mango herbal iced tea while I worked with a teammate after story time at the library. 

I got cRaZy with my lunch shake, and added a  couple of freeze dried banana slices to my strawberry shake (thank you Trader Joes).

I'm pretty obsessed with ginger hummus so that was my afternoon snack with carrots (I like to cut them up myself because baby carrots creep me out).

Dinner was TACO TUESDAY! Luckily we roast veggies, make our own guac and keep everything on the healthy side. My struggle has always (and will always) be portion control. I abstained from tequila, but did enjoy some kombucha on my evening stroll with Mosby. 

After my epsom salt bath I whipped up my bedtime belly buster and tucked myself in for what will hopefully be a restful night (I'm talking to you full moon).

Day one was a walk in the park. I won't chronicle everyday because that would be boring af, but I wanted to show how normal this is. No counting calories, no crazy restrictions (besides the ones that I'm self imposing). Just ease and logic. Just how I like it.

Cheers, Christin

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