A note on why cleansing isn't a fad

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they could never do a cleanse, fast, go without chewing food for a day or two, I'd have a lot of nickels. 

So I thought I'd break it down for anyone who was like 'um Christin, you're crazy.' There is a really fascinating TEDx talk from a guy at Johns Hopkins, who is way smarter than I, that talks about why intermittent fasting is the bees knees- if you've got sixteenish minutes, here ya go. The part I find most interesting is the biological explanation for how our bodies were designed to go without food and how it enhances and sharpens our brains. Sidenote: He gives one negative affect of fasting and Isagenix created a plant based product to combat the oxidative stress. bam. If you want to nerd out, I LOVE talking about this stuff, so lets go get coffee/wine. 

Then there's a need we have to detoxify our bodies. We voluntarily put toxins in and on our bodies (alcohol 🙋🏼, products on our skin, foods that aren't natural and our bodies have no clue what to do, foods that are natural but laden with pesticides and the like) and then the toxins we have little control over (chemicals in our drinking water, air pollution, etc). Our bodies are seriously way smarter than we give them credit for and really don't want the chemical shit storm we it expose it to, but have learned that to keep our organs healthy and safe from the toxins we build up fat around them. Brilliant, yes. Unhealthy, also yes. 

If we decide to cut out some of the toxins, GREAT. That was part of why I stopped eating meat  (unnecessary hormones, crappy livestock diets etc). But in our world, we will always be exposed to them. Plain and simple. One big misconception is that the products I use on cleanse days detox me. Nope. The natural plant based botanicals and antioxidants SUPPORT my body's detoxification process. They support my metabolism so I don't starve and the calories are mindful. This is science. There's no dairy or gluten, it's plant based and I love the hell out of it. I should also mention this isn't a colon cleanse. Cause why would anyone sign up for that?

This morning I wrapped up a 48hour cleanse and I feel like a shiny new penny (or maybe I should do nickel since thats how I started this post...). In an attempt to remain transparent, I don't always feel shiny after a cleanse. Sometimes it is a huge struggle to get through a cleanse and I say 'screw this, I'm having a shake'. And that is completely ok. I don't beat myself up because I 'failed'. I've chosen this lifestyle because there is no failing  (I've literally eaten an entire pizza in one sitting so clearly I'm not one to preach balance, because balance is a myth. See earlier post). I will just choose another day to cleanse. When I coach people through their first cleanse days I always make sure they have chocolate (yeah, we got chocolate) and drink plenty of water. Oh and don't give up. Sayyy whaaa? A bit hypocritical you may say? Well, no its not. Because when you're doing this for the first time, your mind will tell you that it's crazy (this is why I watch videos on why it's not crazy so I can feed my brain with facts) to go two days without food. But it's not crazy, it's the exact opposite actually. 

If you want more science, please ask me. I love that shit. If everything you think I'm saying is ridiculous, no worries. You've clearly found something that works for you and I'm happy you're taking a proactive step for your health. Or maybe you think its ridiculous because you're scared about what it entails and a bit stubborn too. It never hurts to ask questions. And I promise I won't hound you about #joiningme. Y'all should know by now that I'm not that kind of network marketer. And while I'm not a doctor or dietitian, I've spoken with handfuls who emphatically support fasting. Oh, and then theres the science. So I'll just be over here continuing to educate. You know how to reach me.

Cheers, Christin

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