No meat? Kale, yeah.

I've been thinking about cutting meat out of my diet for over a year now. When my husband deployed last spring, I decided to stop cooking meat (except for Taco Tuesday, because there would be mutiny) and started cutting red meat out of my diet. 

If I'm being honest (and why the hell wouldn't I?) it was so damn easy. And made meal time a lot faster. Oh and cheaper. So, a win-win-win.  I have said multiple times that if it came down to me having to kill the animal, I would have to become a vegetarian, because ain't no way. So I wanted to see how I felt after just two weeks without 'the meats'.

I have zero concern that I will be taking in enough protein. Looking at just my bamf shakes (either dairy-free or undenatured whey), I'm getting 64g of quality sourced protein. SideNote: Why is that always a concern that others have? It's like the anti-vegetarian/vegan #1 combatant. It is funny (because I have an odd sense of humor) to hear people ask where I will get my protein. I think it is even funnier to see their faces when I say, "I'll get my protein from where your protein gets it's protein." 😆 I mean, it is doubtful that cows and pigs are eating black bean pasta and sweet potato quinoa and cashew veggie burgers. But still, I crack myself up.

Besides my tenderhearted nature towards animals, I have read/watched/conversed *so* much on the sustainability of livestock. The numbers alone make this just as much a conservation decision as an humanitarian one. Oh, and theres the 'quality' factor that comes into play. I feel hypocritical scrutinizing the sourcing of my whey and the literal DNA of ingredients in my shakes, but will eat a chicken breast from god-knows where that was fed god-knows what. It just doesn't feel authentic. While in Scotland, I couldn't stomach the idea of eating the sweet lambs that were dotting the hillside or fuzzy highland coos burger.  So I stuck to the vegetarian options and legitimately had better meals than my husband (he even tried mine and agreed).

Another huge appeal to the idea of becoming a vegetarian is that I no longer have to explain that, yes, I'm from South Carolina but, no I don't eat seafood. This fact shocks the masses. And I've got no damn idea why. "So you don't eat seafood, but you still eat lobster and shrimp right?!?", "uh, no. If it can survive underwater I don't eat it" ::GASP:: THE HORROR!! I have always just told people I'm allergic to seafood because it causes less of a fuss. So consider this my seafood coming out. SideNote: I'm the best date you'll ever take to an oyster roast though...on account of being a boss at shucking, but sweet baby jesus, don't think I'm going to eat one. 

Classic Christin, going off on a frolic and detour a la seafood. 

I think I went down that rabbit hole to express that I will never make anyone feel bad about eating or not eating food (there are two exceptions that come to mind, eating veal and not eating honey).  I'm not going to *actually* say anything to you, but prepare for the judge-y eye. Another SideNote: How is judgey not a word? Judgy? No? Seriously!? So I won't make a stink over other people eating meat (I'm married to a meat eater after all) or throw a scene at a restaurant because there aren't vegetarian options. My curious nature just wonders how my body will look and feel after a few weeks sans meat. I will however drop knowledge on the uninformed if you come at me with 'alternative facts' (inside joke that maybe half the country gets...sorry).

So if you have any killer recipes or have pros/cons on vegetarianism (besides 'OMG I could *never* do that- because what the hell good does that statement do?), reach out. Or if you're already a vegetarian/vegan and are looking for awesome plant based protein (or the bomb diggity whey protein), reach out. Or if you just honestly want to know how it's going (giving up bacon brussel sprouts will be the hardest), reach out. Basically, I want to hear from you and see how others turn this choice into a deliciously fulfilling lifestyle.

Cheers, Christin