Finding a new 'normal'

Normal is such an odd word to me (irony, gotta love it). I've met a few normal people. They are the craziest people I know. 

But human psychology is not the topic here (heaven help me, I could write for days on that). As this reset is coming to a close, I'm figuring out what I will carry into the next month and what I will leave behind. 

Caffeine: I am an espresso person. Plain and simple. I can't do almond milk in my espresso. I tried, I really gave it the old college go, but nope. My shot of espresso will be blended up quite nicely in my morning shake (Vanilla, cinnamon, ice and espresso is my jam). Look at me solving problems like a boss. I have missed sweet tea. I don't claim southern heritage, but damn I love biscuits and sweet tea. The added caffeine and beaucoups of sugar won't be coming back except for Gina to indulge in while she makes my kombucha. Thank goodness I stepped away from soda three years ago and had one less thing to try and kick over this thirty days. 

Gluten: This is where it gets tough. Let me break this down for you right quick (theres a pun in there somewhere). I'm not celiac, and this is not the first time I cut gluten and saw a big ol' difference. I de-puff when I don't eat gluten. Is that an allergy, I dunno. But I have done a bit of research (shocker) on how breads, pastas, and the like are being produced drastically different today than they were fifty years ago. Could this have something to do with a rise in gluten intolerances? Again, I dunno. (But I'd love to have a conversation about gut health in relation to celiac and the anti-bacterial movement if anyone is interested in pontificating with me.) As for me, I'm going to try to keep off the gluten because it makes me feel better inside and out. But also, see my love for biscuits....

My shakes: A constant for me has been my breakfast shake these past three years. And during this reset I've replaced breakfast and lunch with shakes to double the protein and cuts out expenses for groceries and sodium laden lunches out. This will be a walk in the park to continue as I've see the physical and financial advantages in being healthier.

Beer and Wine: I honestly don't think a soul will believe this, but I've had no desire to drink beer or wine these past thirty days. The one time I did try some wine it was disappointing. I am still slightly nervous that when the mood does strike for some vino, I'll have lost my taste for it. This could be especially tragic because I'm scheduling to take the into sommelier course this summer. Beer is tricky because I love it so. That good, Trappist style brew, that weighs in with several hundred calories and even higher alcohol content. I fell into the habit of forgetting that alcohol has sugar and calories and would consume my daily caloric allowance in alcohol (judge away). Needless to say, when the hubs gets home from his business trip, a blanc de blanc champagne will be popped and if that doesn't agree with my tastebuds, I'll cry.

Fitness-ing: I purchased a yoga package that is good for unlimited classes until the end of July. I am already utilizing the heck out of that and my arms are tightening up (🙌🏼) and so is my waistline. Thank you chaturangas! I still really need to up my weight training game (but a trend you may have picked up on is that I'm great at putting things off). I've seen some timehop posts of how I got into running two years ago. I entertained the thought of picking up running again and then remembered how much 1) I disliked it and 2) I sucked at it. So, I won't be revisiting my foray into jogging.

Over these thirty days, I released more inches that pounds. Four off my mid-section (buh bye belly) and an inch off each upper thigh. Thankfully I don't have a thigh gap, (I'd look goofy af), but the threat of excessive friction is no longer an issue. My arms have tightened up like woah (thank you yoga 💪🏼). And total, over a dozen more from my neck down to my calves.

Needless to say this has been an illuminating exercise in self control and re-educating myself on how to love my body through food, movement and language. In my opinion, the hardest part of this reset ending, will be continuing with choices that best serve me moving forward. Luckily, the results of these thirty days are proof positive that what I'm doing works. I know it took months of careless eating and drinking to transform my body into it's "before" state (can I blame the US Army for that? Would that be fair?), so inversely thirty days won't get back to the body that I feel healthiest in. I've never touted Isagenix as a quick fix (because hello, there is no magic pill) and while I'll enjoy what Scotland has to offer next week, you can bet that I'll be packing my shakes.

I hope you have enjoyed following my foray into 'blogging' (I still hate that word, btw). As I gear up for my trip, I kinda want to chronicle my journey through the Highlands (and Scotch-lands 😏). So if you're interested, I'll have some posts up about my voyage across the pond.

Cheers, Christin