Choose you.

I wonder if this is a 'me' thing? I recognize that my brain isn't wired *quite* like everyone else's. And that's cool, but sometimes it makes me a bit hard to identify with. So if after reading this, you think I'm W-A-Y off base, no harm no foul, our brains are just different. 

That being said, has anyone else struggled with putting themselves first? Above your kids, above your husband/partner? Where you are your number one priority? I feel *pretty* confident that all my mom friends can relate. And it breaks my heart to hear how much you women sacrifice for those adorable, tiny humans. When I hear sweet mom friends saying how they eat their kid's leftovers off the plate as they are scraping it into the trash, I'm kind of shocked. I understand the whole "waste not, want not", but y'all, composting is an option. You deserve to eat the BEST things because you have to play at 100% every damn day. You can't take a sick day, you can't half-ass parenting and go nap while your infant is screaming. Your body created life, and that deserves more than table scraps. 

Why is it so frowned upon to choose yourself amidst all the options? I always struggle with the associated guilt (because god-knows why).  Growing up an only child, it was assumed that I was spoiled and selfish (and if you are someone who perpetuated that stereotype, SHAME ON YOU). This has bothered me into adulthood. Why is taking care of myself a bad thing? I'll admit, it has become overwhelmingly easy to put myself first this past year with a spouse on the other side of the world and no tiny humans to keep alive. I am living a life of self care and self love.

I had a 'friend' say to me last week (after a face treatment, massage, chiropractic appt, cryotherapy and pedicure) that I "sure do like to indulge in myself, don't I?". LOLOLOLZ. A fun fact about Christin is that I can be so freaking mean. But honestly, in that moment, I just felt sad for her. I get that I try all the things (up next: acupuncture and cupping) and that I spend solid money on myself. But then again, I work and I'm pretty sure I've only got this one body to love on and take care of.

This is meant in no way to shame anyone who doesn't do all the things, but do you set time aside for yourself? Maybe for a bath, or a run? Perhaps to journal or read something fluffy and frivolous that will in no way enhance your IQ. Do you 'indulge' in yourself as much as you deserve? Yes, D-E-S-E-R-V-E. And here's the kicker. Don't feel guilty about it. When did we become a society where busy is glorified and extensive sacrifice is heralded as successful? I have a friend that when I asked if she wanted to sit over coffee, said she was too busy that week. I chose to believe she was too busy for me, because I couldn't fathom someone actually being too busy to spend 30 minutes chatting over coffee. I am so proud anytime one of my story time mommas tell me they stuck their kid at the drop off daycare and went to get coffee with a friend, saw a non-animated movie or (my favorite) did absolutely nothing. You go girl.

I know this reset has been about investing in myself. Putting better food into my body, moving more and fueling my workouts to maximize each movement. Being conscious of how I talk to myself (yeah, I totally talk to myself) and the language I use to describe my body and my being. This is usually the most difficult part, I'm a judgy one, and I get waaay too critical.  I have loved watching my beautiful body transform these past two weeks. Smoothing out in areas that have been a bit lumpy (😳), and shrink in to accentuate that natural waistline I almost forgot about. 

Please just believe me that you are worth the investment. From the inside, out. And if you have no clue how to get started, let me help. It has taken longer than I'd like to admit to realize the importance of 'me' and ensuring I'm doing everything in my power to feel fulfilled.

If you take nothing else from this, just remember you can't pour from an empty cup.

Cheers, Christin

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