Everyone, meet Gina.

These thirty days (and this reset) aren't just about drinking shakes. The nutrition with which I choose to fuel my body, has become the cornerstone of how I eat. And drink. I've chosen to steer clear of wine and beer for thirty days because I believe it's good to quit some things every now and again. 

However, one beverage I am fully embracing is kombucha. <enters Gina stage right> Gut health is a super sexy topic, along with phrases like 'yeast and bacterial culture' and 'fermenting'. Feel free to go take a cold shower if you need to cool off. 

You back?  K, I'll continue. Kombucha is a fermented drink made of tea (usually green and black) and sugar. Super basic. While there is diddly squat scientifically that proves the health benefits of Kombucha, history and anecdotal evidence are on its side.  One thing that can't be denied are the billions and billions of live cultures in just one cup of kombucha that our precious bellies just love.  Harvard Medical School even said that a healthy gut *should* have over 100 trillion microorganisms from over 500 different species. Say Whaaaaa?! Should being the operative word. Apparently as a culture we are on the struggle bus because we love that hand sanitizer and it could be changing our gut.

I jumped on board (not the struggle bus, but the kombucha bus, which I assume would smell like pachouli) thanks to my adorable friends that have been loving on the same SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) for some 6 years. They hooked me up and today, I bottled my first batch from Gina. 

I probably should have mentioned that Gina is the name of my SCOBY. Not sure why, it just came to me one night. I talk to her, and make sure she's feeling the love inside my dark kitchen cabinet that has now become her home. 

It's tangy and tart. A bit vinegary, so I add some La Croix to bubble it up because I'm not patient enough for the second fermentation process (similar to how champagne is made). I'm hoping her next batch will turn over faster because I'm super impatient and hate spending $$ on something I'm making myself. 

I know kombucha may not be everyone cup of tea (😏) but I love knowing that I'm adding some (actually billions of) beneficial enzymes and acids to my gut Bacteria like Gluconacetobacter, Lactobacillus and Zygosaccharomyces. Not to mention the live digestive enzymes that my shakes already have. My friend Leslie created a fantastic infographic with everything you need to know about kombucha! So if you're interested, do some research yourself and see what the party is all about. Tea party, that is 😆.

Cheers, Christin

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