a blended health approach

holistic health is a blend of physical and mental wellness

Five years ago I realized I needed to approach each of these carefully. I needed to explore the different sides of my wellbeing. I waned to find a wellness solution that fit into my lifestyle that also gave me more than food, it nourished and supported my body. We all know a healthy body is imperative for good mental facilities and the energy to pursue our calling.

I have to be honest, I’m a physically healthy person. I’ve never been plagued with food allergies, illness or gut issues that so many have. The first place I looked for wellness worked perfectly for both mine and my husband’s life. We have thrived using Isagenix for the past five+ years. We’ve helped friends with nutrition struggles over those years and it has been such a rewarding journey that I know we will continue with for years to come. Building a team of generous and supportive individuals has brought a world of joy and community to my life that I never imagined.

With my physical health in a good place, I knew that it was time to revisit some of my mental wellness practices and dig deeper into my brain. After about six months of cognitive therapy, the possibility of ADHD was brought up by my therapist. I shrugged it off at first due to my lack of understanding of what ADHD actually was. You may actually share my misunderstandings. I believed that children deprived of nature, forced to sit for hours in a florescent-ly lit room, acted out with excess energy. And I thought these children (typically young boys), outgrew ADHD. In my adult life, I’ve never heard of a grown woman with ADHD. Yes, I know people who misuse Adderall for it’s affects, but I thought it was just another abused pharmaceutical.

After getting tested for ADHD, reading studies of women with ADHD, and paying attention to how my brain works- I realized I was grossly mistaken about the disorder. And so is almost everyone else. I created a YouTube channel where I share my experiences, knowledge, behavioral ‘hacks’, medications / supplementation, and whatever else I learn while I investigate exactly what it means to be a woman with ADHD.